Welcome! We provide quality and comprehensive Security Guard (G) Training and Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) Training Services to any U. S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident Alien (Male or Female), age 18 or older, who is seeking California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) License (Guard Card), for employment opportunities, to work as Unarmed Security Guard or Officer.

We also Provide Firearm Qualification (FQ) Training to any U. S. Citizen, Legal Permanent Resident Alien (Male or Female), age 21 or over, and who is not Prohibited from Possessing or Purchasing a Firearm.


All Firearm Applicants are Required to Undergo Assessment Review at PSI after completing your training and submitting your Firearm Application Package to BSIS for Processing. PSI Charges Sixty ($60) Dollars for the Assessment.

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We highly encouraged unemployed and homeless U. S. Military Veteran who is seeking training to apply for BSIS License to call or come to our facility for free consultation.


Training Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Days: Monday thru Saturday.

Closed: Sunday and Federal Government Holidays.

Contactor Person:  Mr. Paul Meaway

Phone: (323) 389-8778
Fax: (323) 389-8797
Cell: (213) 909-2701