Security Guard Training

The topics included, but are not limited to:

  • Responsibilities and ethics in citizen’s arrest

  • Relationship between a security guard and a peace officer

  • Restrictions on security guard power to arrest.

  • Restrictions on searches and seizures

  • Criminal and civil liabilities

  • Personal liabilities

  • Employer liability

  • Trespass law

  • Ethics and communicationsEmergency situation response, including response to

  • medical emergency

The fee for the initial 40-hour Security Guard Training Service is $400.00.

The training is provided in three sessions, as follows:

  • Module A, 8-hour

  • Module B, 16-hour

  • Module C, 16-hour

The fee for Module A Training is s $100.00.

Successful completion of Module A is required, prior to applying for BSIS Guard Registration Card.

The training is designed to prepare Applicants to:

  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of a Security Guard or Officers

  • Perform with professionalism and within compliance of Employers Business Policies (General Orders) and within Clients’ Post Orders

  • Perform within BSIS Laws, Rules, Regulations; and within Federal, State, Local Laws and Ordinances

The fee for BSIS Guard Registration Card is $124.00 and included $69.00 for Live Scan Fingerprints and $55.00 for Guard Registration Processing Fees.

To view the outlined of the Security Guard Training Service:  Guard Cards (G) click here

We issued Certificate of Training upon successful completion of each course.

Walk-ins are welcome!

Mr. Paul I. Meaway
Director & Trainer