Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training Topics:

1.  Responsibilities and ethics in citizen’s arrest
2.  Relationship between a security guard and a peace officer
3.  Restrictions on security guard power to arrest.
4.  Restrictions on searches and seizures
5.  Criminal and civil liabilities
6.  Personal liabilities
7.  Employer liability
8.  Trespass law
9.   Ethics and communications
10. Emergency situation response, including response to medical emergencies


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Initial 8 hours Guard Card (G)*:

  • 8 hours of Security Guard (G)* training————-$100.00
  • Live scan fingerprints processing———————-$69.00
  • Guard card application processing——————–$55.00
         Total ————————————————$224.00
*BSIS requires an additional 32 hours security training to be completed within the first 6 months of receiving Guard Card (G).


Initial 40 hours Guard Card (G):

  • 40 hours of Security Guard (G) training——————–$400.00
  • Live scan fingerprints processing—————————–$69.00
  • Guard card application fee paid to BSIS———————$55.00
         Total ——————————————————   $524.00


Security Guard (G) Annual Training:

    • 8 hours of Security Guard (G) continued education training **
           Total ——————————————————–  $100.00
**Any subject or course listed here may be selected for the 8 hours of continue education training


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Training and License Processing Fees Are Non Refundable and are Subject to Change Without Notice!

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